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One of the most affordable skincare brands in China competing with Pechoin and L’Oreal. Inoherb offers a range of products in Canada from exfoliating makeup to cleansing lotions and other skincare products.

Founded in Shanghai by a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, which is why many of its products contain traditional Chinese herbs, especially the Rhodiola plant. The brand has partnered with the School of Basic Medicine of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to design, control manufacture, and control the quality of its products.

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INOHERB Rhodiola Brightening Serum (40g)

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Philosophy & Social Responsibility

Inoherb is known for their philosophy of coexistence & prosperity for all – people and nature, people & society, and people & themselves.

Following this thinking, Inoherb is mindful of the carbon footprint of its packaging, as well as it puts extra effort into planting precious Chinese herbs & helping save their population.

Inoherb has a policy where it pays farmers additional wages for successfully growing Rhodiola. Over 1,200 farmers benefited from this policy.

Benefits of Inoherb Cosmetics

  • Herbal Skincare – known for its herbal skincare products, many of the Inoherb products contain traditional Chinese herbs
  • Protects the Environment – supporting Inoherb means supporting the environment – the brand plats precious Chinese herbs in the Tibet area to protect precious Rhodiola rosea herbs
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint – from more ecological packaging to waterborne spraying, choosing Inoherb means being smart about the carbon footprint