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Secret Key Beauty & Makeup is a K-beauty brand that combines nature, beauty, and science. It delivers quality skincare for an affordable price. Secret Key Cosmetics offers a number of lines that are focused on working with specific skincare concerns – brightening, lifting, skin repair, hydration, and more.

Secret Key Cosmetics modernizes skin therapy while building on top of ancient wisdom.

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Secret Key Starting Treatment Essential Mask Sheet Rose Edition (30g x 1pc)

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What are the Benefits of Secret Key Cosmetics?

  • Introductory K-Beauty Brand – there is a number of factors that make Secret Key a great brand to try K-Beauty – affordable prices, a variety of different product lines, a number of popular products.
  • Affordable Prices – can be a big factor. If you are looking for a combination of quality, science & price, Secret Key beauty products are for you!
  • Various Product Lines – focused on addressing various skincare concerns.

What are the Most Popular Products by Secret Key?

  • Starting Treatment Essence – one of the most popular products in the Starting Treatment line by Secret Key and also one of the most popular products from Secret Key as a whole. Great for all skin types. One of our favorite products under this line is the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essential Mask, available in Canada.
  • Snail Repair Line – one of the most popular products Snail Repairing Gel Cream – is an excellent moisturizer that doesn’t make your skin oily. Plus the Snal Repair Gel Cream delivers a soothing feeling, thanks to the snail ingredients.

Does Secret Key Cosmetics offer Skincare Products Only?

There is a number of Secret Key products covering makeup, body care, and hair care products.